Faith and the Open Road

It isn’t very often that one would find a man dedicated to fulfilling the will of God with a helmet perch precariously atop his head and a leather MC vest emblazoned with a cross and white dove walking the streets of Brooklyn. But that’s exactly what I found at the 300 MC 2nd Annual Bike Blessing at Transit Wheelers. “Pastor Pete”, as he called himself congregated over a crowd of at least two hundred deep, laying hands on bowed heads and helmets alike, blessing the comings and goings of the riders and wishing eternal peace and rest to those who have fallen. He has said that for many of the bikers not only is there a true sense of camaraderie, but that for some, the open road actually brings them closer to God. With regards to his own experience he says, “For me, I realized I accomplished something important on the bike. I found enjoyment and the spiritual experience of the road along with fellowship with my buddies.”

And let’s face it, religious undertones aside, if you’re in Brooklyn, one rarely needs a reason to celebrate! “Party over here!!” From the hog hobbyist to the true blue “Easy Rider”, everyone here proudly showed off their club house colors, shining chrome and “pop that collar” self confidence, all in short order! The overall attitude? Let’s eat, drink and be merry! And by the end of the day, with everyone’s hearts opened after sharing in food, music and laughter, the mission became clear. The sensation of being on a motorcycle clearly embodies what we’re all looking for in life: FREEDOM! Life may begin at 30, but it doesn’t get real interesting until about 150! With that said, Ride on, good people!


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