Christopher & Anaysha: Engaged

She says that she can remember the exact moment her heart led her to him. She was 12 and he was 14. Now one might be asking what a 12 year old knew about love besides sharing cotton candy and holding hands? But she knew. “God led us to each other.”, she said. And to know their story is to know that this is the absolute truth. They often sang together in a small community choir in Brooklyn and with their families being closely tied in fellowship, (both her parents are ministers and his family held high positions in their church as well) they would often see each in church. Her, with the voice that mesmerized the congregation and him, with the ultra cool swag and laid back personality. They had always been friends, but one day Chris looked at her and something changed for him. He liked her and he wanted her to know it. After church one Sunday and after exchanging pleasantries with other church members, Chris asked Anaysha to take a walk with him. It was during that brief exchange of steps together that Chris gave her a card…a love note of sorts. It was then that their love story began.

And despite a brief breakup during their college years (Anaysha going off to the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and Chris earning his degree from Morrisville State College in Upstate New York), they came back together knowing they couldn’t live without each other. “We realized what we had and didn’t want to lose that…” And again, years later, Chris would ask Anaysha to walk with him, but this time for life. With that, a proposal came on Good Friday. Ironic? I think not! Anaysha is now a successful singer working with the likes of John Legend, Alicia Keys and Kirk Franklin while Chris has established himself as a dance teacher and fashion designer!

We had such fun during our engagement shoot this past Thursday, which started out at their home in Brooklyn and ended at New York’s Highline Park! With all the fun and silliness that was our day, it was hard to call any of it work! They hummed happily, hugged each other tightly and even busted a move — I see you, Chris!!

Thank you guys for allowing me to capture your joy and love in it’s purest form. May 4, 2012 is going to be an amazing day! Until then, stayed blessed. Oh! And Anaysha, thank your dad for keeping me laughing — he is such a character — I loved it!

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3 thoughts on “Christopher & Anaysha: Engaged

  1. Well shucks!!! It’s about time!! Good Lord!! I thought Jesus was going to come back before their engagement!! LOL!! May you two continue to be blessed and highly favored!!!!

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