That Which Is Brought To The Table…

The invitation read: “Friends make the world better. Combine a group of interesting and highly creative women, sprinkle liberally with laughter and friendship, add dinner and watch as inspiration blooms.” How wonderful it was to receive an invitation like that! And what’s more, no one would ever suspect that these beguiling and captivating words of welcome came from a stranger. Yes. An unknown. I received an email at the end of the summer from a young woman, whom I was pleased to discover was a fellow photographer, who was inviting women for a potluck get together and had been told about me by a mutual friend. It was a simple invitation to dinner. And as evidenced by every plate of collard greens, curry chicken, rice and peas or pastafazool overflowing at Sunday dinner, it’s obvious that people connect on deeper levels over food. With that said, I happily accepted. So after exchanging pleasantries via email, we finally had the chance to meet earlier this week.

Articulate and focused are a couple of the words I would use to describe CM. She reminded me of so many awesome women I know in that she is a woman of substance, knowledge and great character. We sat in her tiny studio apartment, surrounded by walls of books and images she created and had proudly displayed and babbled on and on like old friends. We talked about photography, relationships, pop culture, world events..oh, and more photography! But even with her grasp of all things serious, I was pleased to know that she is also a woman who laughs with reckless abandon! I mean, from the gut! And who knows, maybe it was the atmosphere or even the wine, but I looked around and found myself sharing and laughing too. Freely. It was the most full I’d been up until that point. I’m sure she had no idea, but for me, that was a gift.

I want to humbly thank all of those in my life who have brought love, friendship and acceptance to the table. I’ll have you know that I treasure and feast on it daily! And like food, friendship is our common ground, a universal experience and I’m ready for more of both! Cheers! 🙂


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