So, this moment right here? This solitary act of affirmation? It’s been almost a lifetime in the making! My most recent smiles came after being reacquainted with the kinks, coils and curls that have always been around, yet I never knew — yes, my hair and I were virtual strangers!!! For years, I hid under the guise of perms, wigs or my “go-to” style, braids! There was even an edge crippling, mind numbing weave experience!! And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with using these accessories to enhance one’s beauty, I’ve never had the opportunity to showcase that beauty…until now! Looking at this follicle free-for-all makes me so very happy! So I said goodbye to the chemical confinement and the cultural conformity and hello to the newly nappy natural me!



2 thoughts on “Liberated…

  1. Reblogged this on LeightonD, Photographer and commented:
    I love this! Lisa is a beautiful woman who just shines through. Her personality is in her photos and they are amazing. For any one of us to have to hide who we are is a shame, but often a necessity.

    I remembered when I was growing dreads, it got to the point, that I felt I had to cut them, not to fit in with my friends, but to fit in with my clientele. I say that to some of my fellow photographers out there, because even though we are artists, we are professional. As long as you are neat and your beauty shines through, it rarely matters what your “style” is, as long as you have one. Yayyyy LISA!!!

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